Anne Pro 2 Keyboard
Anne Pro 2 Keyboard
Anne Pro 2 Keyboard
Anne Pro 2 Keyboard
Anne Pro 2 Keyboard
Anne Pro 2 Keyboard
Anne Pro 2 Keyboard
Anne Pro 2 Keyboard
Anne Pro 2 Keyboard

Anne Pro 2 Keyboard ANNE PRO

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Highlights of Anne Pro 2

  • Consistent Bluetooth Connectivity. Paring and stability is one of the most concerned issue on Anne pro 1st Gen. Obinslab has spent great endeavor to get it mostly resolved and bring the performance to demanding standards. You are expected to see an apparent improvement on Anne pro 2
  • Prolonged Wireless usage. Anne pro 2 utilizes 1900mah battery which is up to for 8 hours wireless usage under regular circumstance, which means a few days life cycle on a single charge. There is also built-in on/off switch to conserve battery power
  • Arrow Keys on keyboard. Probably the first 60% keyboard with arrow keys back. Tap key functionality enables keys to behave differently when tapped or held. By default, Right shift, Fn1, Fn2, and Right control behave as arrow keys when tapped
  • Maximize Your Imagination: ObinsLab starter companion software enable users to fully personalize their keyboards. RGB backlights are individually addressable

Customer Reviews

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Enpower your tying experience

Elegantly crafted like the 1st Gen of Anne pro, the features like smoothed and rounded plastic chassis, PBT keycaps, carefully stenciled legends are still with Ann Pro 2, to continue provide the physical support of excellent typing or gaming experience. Other than that, Ann Pro 2 resolve the most concerned issue on 1st Gen- The Bluetooth connectivity, short battery life and arrow keys. Anne Pro 2 also replace the mobile APP with ObinsLab Starter Companion Software, for easier operation.

keyboard Remap

Love the Anne Pro 2 but miss the flexibility of using a QMK compatible board? No problem! All keys on the keyboard can be remapped to become any key you want through ObinsLab Starter.

RGB Lighting

Lighting can also be reprogrammed through ObinsLab Starter. RGB backlights are individually addressable and dynamic lighting effects can also be programmed as well. Lighting profiles can be created, saved, and loaded to the keyboard through the software.

Firmware Update

Keyboard firmware updating is done entirely through ObinsLab Starter, and is much easier than compared to the process for the 1st Gen Anne Pro. Just plug the USB cable into the board, press update, and the software will automatically download and transfer the firmware update to the board.

Macro Keys

Up to 16 key macros can be programmed through the computer software. Saved macros are stored onto the keyboard onboard memory and do not need the use of the computer software to activate.


Amazon Customer

Works like a dream, far less buggy than the original Anne. There are some great new functions and the downloadable Obins software makes updating and changing your settings super easy. This is honestly my favorite keyboard I've ever used.

Amazon Customer

Loving the keyboard so far. Gateron Reds just have a much more satisfying feel than Cherry's. My only real complaint is that the Legend font is pretty ugly and I wish they went with a more standard looking character set. I'll probably replace the keycaps as a result. The legend is usable though, so if you're looking for a great 60% with the Bluetooth option, this is definitely your device.

Amazon Customer

I have used this keyboard for several days and I've written about 8K words with it so far. The quick version is that this is a 60% sized keyboard, which means they have to trim some keys to make this work like a full sized keyboard. It features Bluetooth, has a rechargeable battery, and RGB lighting. The keyboard can store RGB and key settings so you don't have to have it connected all of the time. That is, I can setup a key to act a certain way, and that setting will persist no matter which device I'm connected to. The first thing I did with the keyboard was connect it to my Macbook, chose the Mac layout, and download it, which took a second at most. BTW, kudos to Obins for proving functional Mac software. Then I ran a firmware update to make sure I had the latest. I then connected to my iPad with bluetooth and tested the connection which was solid. Same story with my iPhone. So I'm quite pleased with the bluetooth capability, and the ability to connect to multiple devices. I like having lighting on a keyboard, not so much for the pretty lights, but because I have to wear prescription reading glasses, and it's hard to read the keys on a keyboard. Having a lighted keyboard helps a tremendous amount. While the RGB can do different patterns, I leave mine on solid blue because it looks nice. The lights are adequate, but they are not super bright. I do wish they would go a few clicks brighter

Frequently Asked Question

The Anne pro will connect to my iPhone 7 just fine but the app says there is nothing connected?
Will I be able to type on an iPad with this keyboard?
How long does the battery last with and without lighting respectively? What about standby?
How do I choose the switch type (red, brown, blue)?