Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Zonlai 22mm F1.8
Zonlai 22mm F1.8

Zonlai 22mm F1.8 Zonlai

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Zonlai 22mm F1.8 manual focus prime lens is available for various photography fields: landscapes, portraits, and street snapshot, etc. 22mm focal length is equivalent to 33mm full-frame @APS-C sensor, which provides you a natural angle of view. F/1.8 large aperture creates smooth and creamy bokeh effect. 0.15mm minimum focus distance also friendly for macro shooting. Compact size and solid build, Zonlai 22mm F1.8 perfectly meets your daily shooting need.
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Product Features 

Natural Angle of View: The effective focal length of 33mm on APS-C cameras provide a natural angle of view, which makes your images are both relatable and engaging. Its versatile 33mm effective focal length can use for multiple photography fields- landscapes, portraits and even street photography.

Premium Optical Design: 8 elements in 7-group design, which provides good center sharpness even at F/1.8. Utilizing Low Dispersion Element for reducing chromatic aberration in high contrast scene. 0.15m (4.5 inches) minimum focus distance is also good for macro shooting.

Large Aperture: Bright F/1.8 aperture provides good light collection and better control on the depth of field. 10-blade aperture iris creates soft and smooth bokeh. Click-step aperture ring ensures precise control of light and depth of field.

Fantastic Asteriated EffectZonlai 22mm F/1.8 lens is perfectly fit for the nightscape photographer. When you stop down the lens to smaller apertures, the light-spot will spread into a star figure, rather than the traditional circle one.



Focal Length

22 mm


F1.8~F16, 10-Blade Aperture, Click-step Aperture Ring


Sony-E, Fuji-X, M4/3, EOS-M

Filter Diameter

46 mm

Minimum Object Distance

0.15 m

Focus Mode


MOD(Max Overall Diameter)


Lens Structure

7 Groups 8 Elements

Lens Size

45 x 45 mm

Net Weight




• SONY E-Mount: SONY NEX3, 3N, 5, 5T, 5R, 6, 7, Alpha a7, a7R, a7S, A5000, A5100, A6000, A6100 and A6300. A7 series full-frame camera can use the lens after setting up the APS-C Mode.
• Canon EOS-M: M3 M2 M5 M6 M10.
• Fujifilm X Mount: XT-1/XT-2/X-Pro 1/X-Pro 2/XE-1/XE-2/XE-2S/X-T10/XT20/X-A10/X-A3/X-M1, etc.
• Micro Four Thirds: Olympus EM-1/EM-1 Mark2/EM-10/EM-10 Mark2/EM-5/EM-5 Mark2/PEN-F/EPL8/EPL7 Panasonic GH5/GH4/G7/GX7/GX1/GF6/GF5, etc.

Prior to Use

Do not leave the lens pointed at the sun or another sight source for an extended period. Intense light may cause the image sensor to deteriorate or produce a white blur effect in photographs

If your camera does become wet, you're expected to dry it immediately

Do the best you can to try to avoid using the camera on high humidity days and during wet weather. Stay out of the rain


Package Includes

1x Lens

1x Metallic Lens hood

1x Hood cap

1x Metallic Front lens cap

1x Rear lens cap

1x User Manual


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