ANNE PRO RGB Mechanical Keyboard

You want reliability (mechanical switches), form (full size keys - standard layout), function (RGB lighting, typing feel) when you purchase any keyboards and, in the past, you couldn't have all three of those in a compact and quality keyboard. Today, the ANNE Pro keyboard fills all those requirements, making it fun to use while on the go and extremely practical from a use standpoint. No sacrifice involved, just a tiny learning curve to get the automatic use of the FN key to access function and utility keys.
Out of Box
You receive the keyboard, flat USB charging cable, key cap puller and a Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle. Having the dongle included is nice, as your desktop may without Bluetooth built in. What you DON'T get are any drivers or a manual. There are some basic instructions on the back of the box on how to duplicate the standard function and utility keys. To get drivers and actual instructions on pairing etc. need to got to the Obins web site "".
The keyboard weighs in at just over 1 and a quarter pounds, so it's not lightweight by any means. At 11.5" x 4" you get 61 full sized keys in an ANSI layout. There are no flip outs on the bottom of the keyboard but it is sloped about 5/8" front to back to make it comfortable to use.

You have a choice of Blue/Brown/Red key switches to choose from. Blue (tactile/click), Brown (tactile), and Red (neither).  Note: If you find the keys too noisy when they bottom out, you can install O-rings to soften the landing and quiet them down considerably.

You can use the keyboard with Bluetooth (its main purpose) but the included USB cable at 6' in length will give you both connectivity and charging when hooked to a PC.

With only 61 keys you need to use the Fn key to access the function and utility keys (ins, del, etc.) as well as switch basic light modes. The software on your PC or app for you Android or IOS device is where you can completely customize the look and function of the keyboard. Every key can be changed in both color (full spectrum RGB) and function however any change in function will require the Fn key so you can't just configure all your gaming functions to a single keystroke.

You do have full N key rollover which will make the gamers out there happy. No waiting for keystrokes to register because you are limited to a few simultaneous key presses at once.

Download the drivers for your PC, or the App for you mobile device. Once you have done so pairing is as simple as "Fn + B" to enable pairing mode, press the "+" key to enable bluetooth or "-" to disable. Enable pairing on your device and once you are successful press "Fn + B" to turn off pairing mode and you are ready to go.

There should be some "lag / latency" because this is a bluetooth keyboard but you won't detect any difference, whether just typing or gaming, between wired keyboards.

To control the lighting bring up the mobile App and select your desired pre-programmed scheme or create your own layout, a different color for every key if you like. The apps are simple to use and work the same on the PC.

- Pair up to 4 devices over Bluetooth 4.0
- RGB lighting comes through clear and isn't glaring
- Compact in size but no sacrifice in key placement or size
- High quality mechanical switches
- True full spectrum RGB
- Full N-Key rollover
- Features vs Dollars you get more than you'd expect

- No drivers or manual included in the box
- There is no battery indicator, just a blinking light on the caps lock when nearly dead
- No OFF switch so placing this in a bag can drain the battery (especially if you leave the lighting effects enabled)
- Tends to go to sleep quicker than I'd like (saves battery life)

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